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Details Of Our Towing Pay Per Call Program

Our program is pretty straight forward: We take care of all of the marketing and advertising, you get all of the calls. When you get a call form a prospective client, you are charged for that call. Our job is to bring you the calls, your job is to close the deal and do the work.  Here are the details of our tow truck leads program:

  1. We setup a custom website for towing in your local area
  2. We setup and pay for all of the marketing services
  3. We setup a local tracking phone number that rings to your phone
  4. All of the calls we generate will come directly to you
  5. All of the calls are recorded
  6. You will hear a message that lets you know the call is from us
  7. The call recordings are stored on your dashboard
  8. You have access to all of your call recordings
  9. You only have to pay us for calls from potential customers
  10. Missed calls are charged as leads so make sure you answer the calls

Other Important Points:

  • You are only charged for unique (not duplicate) calls
  • You can set the hours you want your calls to come in
  • We can pause the program if you want a vacation
  • We only take one towing company per area
  • All calls are exclusive not shared
  • We can work with you to push services you prefer
  • We listen to each call to determine if its a lead
  • We don’t sell jobs, we sell calls (its your job to close the deals)
  • The price per lead depends on your area and the level of competition

If you have any questions regarding our tow truck lead generation program, give us a call at 866-390-5173. Our towing leads team will be happy to answer your questions and help get you set up.

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