What Is A Lead?

A lead is an inquiry from a potential customer looking for your service. A lead can come in the form of a unique phone call to your business or a submission form a web form.

Where Do The Leads Come From?

Our leads come from our digital marketing efforts. We use a variety of methods to make your phone ring including paid search, search engine optimization, local directory listings, mobile apps, and towing directories. None of our leads come from insurance companies or motor clubs.

Are The Leads Exclusive?

Yes, all the leads are exclusive to your business and not shared.

Are The Leads Local?

Yes, the leads will all come from your service area. If you get a lead from the outside area, clearly tell the caller they are outside of your service area and you will not be charged for that call.

Which Leads Am I Charged For?

You are only charged for calls from customers looking for your service. We do not charge for repeat calls form the same customer or wrong number, telemarketer or AAA type calls.

What If I Miss A Call?

Missed calls are charged as a lead. Every call we send your way has a cost so it is crucial you are able to answer your phone. If you are unable to get to your phone you can call us to pause the calls until you are ready.

What If I Don’t Close The Job?

All we can do is send you the lead (call). Since we are not answering your phone or quoting a price we can not close the job. It is your responsibility to close the calls. If you have a lot of price shopper calls we can help you by providing you with a “close script” that will help you make more sales. We can also put your prices on the ads we create for you so the caller knows how much the service will cost before calling you.

How Do I Pay?

You will put a credit card on file with Towing Leads Inc. Every day we will send you an invoice with your previous day’s calls. You have 24 hours to review and dispute any charges. After that, we charge your card.