Junk Car Removal Leads

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Do You Buy Junk Cars?

If your looking for junk car removal leads you are in luck. Towing Leads is your #1 source for towing and junk car removal leads. We can provide your company with verified calls and emails from people looking to get rid of junk cars. All of your junk care removal leads are exclusive and not shared leads. You will be the only company getting these leads which will come to you in real time through phone calls and form submissions through our marketing websites.

A lot of towing companies have found the profitable niche of junk car removal. Vehicle buying, flipping and haul away can be an excellent business. As this profitable market becomes more competitive, it is more important that you have a professional marketing team on your side that can help you bring in the high-quality leads at the best price possible. Rather than charge you a monthly fee and make promises about future performance, at Towing Leads Inc. we put our money where our mouth is. We only charge you for verified leads. This means every lead we charge you for has been reviewed by our team and verified to be a valid lead.

Targeted By Geography

Your junk car removal leads will be coming from the area you specify. If you are a current Towing Leads Inc. customer we can create separate campaigns for your junk car leads than your emergency towing leads in the event you would like separate geographic targeting for the different services.

Junk Car Removal Leads When You Want Them

We can set the hours your leads will come in based on when you are in the office or have dispatch staff available. Let us know what hours you would like to receive calls and emails so you can be there to answer them or follow up quickly.

Cash For Cars Advertising

Our Junk Car Leads work great for Cash For Cars advertising programs. If you company buys junk cars for what ever reason then this program will work great for you. Give us a call at the number above or fill out the form and we will provide you with a price for leads in your area. Let us know if you have any questions or need any help. Thanks for considering us as your goto junk car removal leads provider.

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