Auto Repair Shop Leads

Auto Repair Leads

Towing and auto repair go hand in hand. If you own a repair shop or get referral fees form auto repair shops when you bring cars to them then you know the value of a good auto repair lead. There are a lot of repair shops and mechanics competing for the same business in your area. Towing Leads Inc’s auto repair leads will give you a huge advantage over your competitors by finding the customer right when the problem happens.

Exclusive Leads

All of the leads we send to you are your and yours alone. We are not a “compete for the job” lead generation service. Our leads are pay per call or submission and are going exclusively to your company, no one else.

Local And Relevant

All of the leads we send to you come from the area you specify you want the leads to come from. You are never changed for leads coming from outside of your local area.

You’re First In Line

When you use our towing leads to promote your auto repair service you are guaranteeing yourself a first in line opportunity to land new business. When a customer calls you with a broken down vehicle you will be the first one that speaks to them. Many times they have no idea where they want to take their vehicle. This is the perfect opportunity for you to let them know you can help.  There is no better time than the first contact with a client whos vehicle has just quit on them. You are almost guaranteed to land the job and fill your shop with new business.

Tip: Offer the towing service for free or at a discount if the customer uses your service for the repair.


The Best Auto Repair Leads You Can Get!

It might sound like a big claim but Towing Leads are the best solution for repair shops and the leads that are produced by the marketing efforts of Towing Leads Inc. are the best leads you can get.

Here’s why:

  • Our Leads Are Exclusive To Your Company
  • Our Leads Are Verified Manually (We Listen To Each Call)
  • Our Leads Are Affordable (You Only Pay For Valid Calls)
  • Our Leads Bring YOU  More Business

Give Us A Try!

We specialize in automotive marketing services from towing leads, junk car removal leads and automotive repair leads. Our customers love us because we don’t charge for promises of future results, but instead, actual performance. If you don’t get calls, you don’t get charged. How will many towing advertising companies promise you that? If you are ready to give our auto repair leads a try, give us a call at 866-390-5173 or fill out the form. We will be in touch to let you know cost and outline details of how the program works as well as answer any questions you might have.

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